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"A new generation of artificially intelligent & automated system that reinvents the way you do business."



An Intelligent Reasoning Engine Nuturing Efficiency

Tedious Tasks, Goodbye Forever!!

IRENE is a modular system. A modular system basically allows you to create modules for each of your organizational tasks which may include a wide range from accounting, inventory, sales, support, finanacial, assets, marketing etc and everything you can imagine.


Plug and Play everything.

Usually all the software in the world is just a huge monolith of code. We have built our architecture in flexible way, that allows us to just plug in whatever you need. This makes your work, fast and smooth.


Simplest to Complex, all covered.

Majority of the softwares that you may come across has a fixed set of lot of things, most of which you dont even use. Get modules for only those things which you need for smooth functioning of your organization, so that you stay more focused.


Tap, Type, Tap

We understand the only fact that you dont need 1500 inputs for one simple thing you want to do. We make sure your journey while entering data is just a couple of clicks and input fields, so that you spend more time making use of the data, than sitting and entering information.

IRENE is implementable in a variety of sectors ranging from Healthcare, Retail, Travel, Food & Biotechology, Agriculture, Education and so on.

2 Hours to get more progressive

Your organization needs customized modules because every organization has different values, missions, visions, organizational and management policies. Once you spot a requirement, let us know. IRENE is built on a robust architecture that allows us to design, develop new modules in minimum 2 hours.

"A simple, efficient & growth oriented system for every kind of organization."

Works like magic.

Now you need not wait for an analyst to make data reports. The system senses possibilities of data patterns, using efficient models, and generates meaningful yet simple visual representation of your own data.

An Adaptive Dashboard.

A Dashboard is a summary of the progress of your entire company. We have completely reinvented the dashboard to be adaptive to your needs using state of the art genetic algorithms and game theories, so that you get relevant information on the wherever you need, whenever you need.

Ask Questions, just like you always do.

Irene understands your needs in natural language, processes the information using an advanced query engine and presents you with analytical results in the most easy to understand way possible. So the next the you want to know "How much are we selling ?", go on ask *Wink* and the system would answer you just like a manager.

Search Anything, Get Everything.

The biggest problem with an organization is search for information. The architecture of IRENE is designed as such that with the help of keywords, you can exactly find what your looking for, be it a  sales invoice for a client or a reciept for the same client or even a purchase reciept. JUST ONE KEY WORD, GET IT ALL.

Your own Ecosystem

All of your modules and all of your Data, gathers together under oneroof. Now you need not look upto 10 different applications in order to manage your organization. 

The best part is, all this information gets linked up with one another making IRENE a perfect blend of what you always needed.

Artificial Intelligence embedded platform.

The ultimate goal of IRENE is to be the most advanced manager for your organization, that knows each and everything. Apart from just showing you results, IRENE is slowly learns from your system, creates its own intuition and boosts your judgement, ALL BACKED BY YOUR DATA.

Your Decisions,
Super Charged.

When your entire organization is available at your fingertips, you can simply query anything to find relevant answers, get realtime updates about the work being done, know who is upto what, YOU SIMPLY KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT.


  1. ORGANIZATION - As soon as you implement IRENE in your organization, your easily able to manage all resources. This keeps things very organized.
  2. EFFICIENCY - When a company is organized, it becomes more efficient. As a result you are able to handle more bandwidth of work. IRENE helps you achieve this with ease.
  3. MULTIFOLD GROWTH - As your company grows to be more efficient and can handle more bandwidth, growth is guaranteed in your company.
  4. USER EXPERIENCE  - The entire has been designed to make life simpler. To ensure this happens, we make sure to develop modules considers minimum inputs and maximum automations and outcomes.
  5. SECURITY - The architecture is built as a mesh of connected information. There is so much information linking that even if you have access to the raw data by any chance, it would be difficult to find meaning out of it.
  6. AVAILABLE ON ALL DEVICES - IRENE is a web application and works on your phone, desktop & tablets. The layout is responsive in nature, giving you feel of using a native application.
  7. DESIGNED TO SIMPLIFY HUMANITY - IRENE was designed to simplify human life. From managing a lot of resources to searching to analysing everything is now just a matter of clicks.
  8. ALGORITHMS THAT UNDERSTAND - IRENE must ensure, everything is usable for you. For this to happen, the algorithms that are implemented in the system are wisely choosen and modelled. We use genetic algorithms to a greater extent so that the system can be augumented easily.
  9. MULTI USER SUPPORT - You can add multiple users, assign them modules and make sure they are working. Even they are benefited by the adaptive dashboards and the query engine, but only with what is relevant to them.

"We used to use a couple of education management systems. But the outcomes were never satisfactory. After our organization got introduced to IRENE, we are able to keep a track of our students information, pending fees, schedules, payouts etc."





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